Shloka Curriculum

Centre for Excellence

The Centre for Excellence is the soul of the Shloka School. It is a space where students can go for a personalized programme which ensures that the student excels in academics and the various competitive examinations. The Center also has state of the art language labs that help students, teachers, parents and others in the community to hone their English speaking skills. The Center for Excellence is open to the community after school hours and hence contributes to the enrichment of the vicinity by providing enrichment and remedial classes along with various e-learning facilities.



Elevate is not just a hobby but an exclusive enrichment program which also makes after school time matter. It aims to maximize children’s creative potential and build their life skills to ensure that they make good choices and lead meaningful lives. It insulates protects&empowers individuals with creative solutions&expressions. This program is a necessary supplement that opens doors to lifelong opportunities for every participant, while sensitizing them to the society, environment and economy. This leads them to become positive global citizens.

A highly qualified staff with requisite skills and sensibilities ensure creative evolution in all learners. Group activities enrich performance, presentation, communication, interpersonal and intra-personal proficiency.

Elevate helps in developing creative, artistic, cognitive, innovative, analytical, self management, leadership, language skills, laying a confident foundation to achieve exponential success in the long run.


Elevate offers a wide variety of creative mediums such as Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, Language enrichment Analytical&scientific explorations, Health & nutrition Edutainment And many more...

Elevate caters to all segments of the society Young Adults, Adults, Senior Citizens, Schools, Institutions, Government organizations, Non Government organizations, Corporate Community Centres, clubs etc.

Conclusively, Elevate is complete wholesome experience that enables you to explore, engage, evolve’ in your respective talent. The result –You Elevate !

Programme Highlights:

  • World class eco-friendly creative arts programme
  • Open ended fun filled art&craft activities
  • Assessment&certification after every level
  • Creative competitions&attractive prizes at national&international level
  • Art camps, field trips, fairs&exihibitions
  • Career/ Vocational guidance
  • Annual display of children’s work in renowned art galleries
  • Parent child interactive workshops

Physical Education


Birla Edutech Limited has embarked on a journey of not only providing progressive education in all scholastic subjects but also Physical Education and Sports as a core entity of the mainstream curriculum.

We aim at making the students physically fit, mentally sound, emotionally balanced and socially well adapted through our Physical Education and Sports programme. We intend to inculcate knowledge, movement skills, positive attitude and behaviour that will develop healthy and active lifestyle in children.


Our curriculum will provide the students an opportunity to participate and develop age appropriate knowledge and skills in myriad range of physical activities. We believe, this will open a new avenue for all our students to pursue Physical Education and Sports as a career and compete in National and International platforms.

Programme Highlights:

  • Basic Curriculum for Physical Education and Sports
  • Advanced level Programme in Physical Education and Sports for Middle and High School
  • Fitness and Skill diagnostic tests for children of all the age groups
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Sports Skills specific and General fitness Assessments
  • Providing Infrastructure inputs for sports facility; maximizing number of sports offered in the given space
  • Orientation and Training Modules for the teachers

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