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International Youth Robotics Competition

Students of Shloka – A Birla School, Tirupati participated in ‘International Youth Robotics Competition’ held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 2nd Aug to 5th Aug, 2017.

700+ Students participated representing 14 different countries. Under the training of Mindtronix, Shloka students represented India in a group competition ‘Soccer Robot’ and competed against Chinese students. Students also competed in individual games like ‘Road challenge race’ and ‘Robot’s Bowling’.

Annual Report 2016 - 17

“We build on children’s strengths and celebrate their achievements, helping children recognize their accomplishments and experience the joy of learning.”
Shloka – A Birla School, Tirupati is proud to share the sands of achievements through the year.

360 Degree school drone video

360 Degree school drone video

Doctor's Day

"When there are tears, you are a shoulder. When there is pain, you are a medicine.
When there is tragedy, you are a hope." Happy Doctor’s day!

Doctors on Earth are like Gods in the heaven. Every year, July 1 is celebrated as 'Doctor's Day' all across India, to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

He is remembered for his active involvement in starting many institutions and hospitals, and completely dedicating himself to the Indian society. Thus, Doctor's Day is observed as a tribute to Dr. B. C. Roy and salute the spirit of his dedication. This is also the day to acknowledge the priceless contributions and services made by doctors for the society . It represents the qualities of adoration, charity, sacrifice, bravery and audacity that doctors demonstrate during their services. The first Doctor’s Day was celebrated in 1991.

Doctor’s Day was celebrated in SHLOKA – A BIRLA SCHOOL, TIRUPATI, too. The occasion was graced by Dr Vasudev Reddy, a retired senior pediatrician. He addressed the students with his wide knowledge of experience on topics such as balanced nutrition in India, the difference between organic food and inorganic food; he also discussed the advantages of having timely nutritious food and the harmful effects of eating junk food. He enlightened the students to “Think big and Dream big” with his motivational speech. He conveyed his heartfelt warm wishes to the students for their bright future.

Doctor's Day is a perfect time to express our gratitude to doctors for their valuable contribution to the society.


SHLOKA- A BIRLA SCHOOL, TIRUPATI organized a Parents-Teachers Meet, which was presented as the ‘Know Your Teachers’ Meet, on 2nd July 2016.

This Meet provided a platform to the parents to get acquainted with the teachers. It was essential for both, the parents as well as the teachers to build a relationship of trust and faith, all for the bright future of the children.

Communication was a prime factor of this Meet. The parents had a chance to personally communicate with the teachers. The teacher, too, in turn conveyed their ideas, expectations and plans for the current academic year, all that will eventually reflect the children’s successful learning through the year.

Teacher Training By Birla Edutech

It is rightly said that "A Teacher Creates All Other Professions". So here in SHLOKA-A Birla School, Tirupati, we have teachers who aim to nurture and mould students for a brighter future. To live up to our philosophy of 'Indian education with an international approach', fifteen teachers were equipped to give their best at the new set up of SHLOKA- A Birla School at Tirupati.

This was done through an enlightening workshop for three days. The programme which began with a soulful prayer, was lead by the facilitators Ms. Puspita Chattopadhyay (Head - Training & Academics) and Ms. Darshana Shah (Trainer & Assistant Manager), from Birla Edutech, Mumbai.

The training session commenced with a unique and fun way of introducing the teachers, and included productive learning, enjoyable energizers and best of all, happy teachers!

The focus of the workshop was Induction- an in depth knowledge about the curriculum, Active Learning and Learning Environment. The teachers were also inducted on the various teaching methodologies and teaching aids, along with facilitation of the lesson plans, and the micro schedule tracker.

There was a Digi board training provided by Mr. Ashok.

Indeed, the fruitful training workshop has marked off as a beginning of a great journey. Together the teachers have promised to facilitate learning with great love and fun.

An Inaugural ceremony for SHLOKA A BIRLA SCHOOL was held on 11th May 2016.

Shloka - A Birla School launched in the holy city of Tirupathi, published in different daily news papers.


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