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    Our Vision is to have a peaceful, productive and orderly learning environment that meets the academic, social and developmental needs of outstanding girls and boys. Our goal is to inspire a passion for learning by making education relevant and fun.
    Our Mission is to develop outstanding girls and boys with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. We would help them establish values that will allow them to act with thoughtfulness and humanity.

Origin & History

Birla Edutech Ltd

Education industry has emerged as an increasing productive sector and recognized as a key driver of global economic growth. Yash Birla Group, as an organization has been a strong facilitator in this sector and signifies its presence through ‘Birla Edutech Ltd’ (BEL). The Birla Group has been in the forefront among others in envisioning a larger social purpose of giving back to the society manifold and continuously contributed towards the constant evolution of our nation’s education pattern. It realizes the aspect that education embraces knowledge and knowledge is crucial for a better future & growth of our nation.

Birla Edutech Ltd offers diversified education solutions and has been in the forefront of various pioneering initiatives in the education space. Headquartered in Mumbai, it has a team of highly skilled personnel in form of academicians, subject experts, teacher trainers, computer programmers, content developers, animators, etc.

Porwal Educational Trust in partnership with Birla Edutech Ltd (A Yash Birla Group Company) launched Globe Tot’ers – A Birla Preschool, Indore, in 2012 at Vijaynagar.

After completing 3 successful years in the Preschool segment, the Trust is launching the main school Shloka – A Birla School in Indore from June 2016 which will seek affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE).

Porwal Education Trust aims to bring back creativity and the joy of learning. The school aims to prepare individuals to be highly skilled, innovative and also sensitive to the environment, economy and society.

Management Board Educational Programmes

Globe Tot'ers – A Birla Preschool, Indore

Birla Edutech Limited has embarked on a journey to revolutionize education in India. It offers a comprehensive solution for education right from the formative early years to the challenging university years. Globe Tot’ers - A Birla Preschool celebrates the importance of these formative early years by providing a strong and sure start to Birla Edutech’s journey of bringing back creativity and the joy of learning. We believe that all our learners are unique and therefore need unique learning experiences and dynamic learning environments to thrive in the 21st century.

Globe Tot’ers - A Birla Preschool, Indore provides end to end education for your child. Along with the best of Preschool infrastructure in Indore, we meet all the needs of parent and child through our Preschool Programmes. With the mission to enhance the child’s CREATIVITY, provide space for INNOVATION and encourage INVENTION, we have come up with the integrated and balanced curriculum to foster holistic development of the child.

The cozy, convenient, hygienic, eco-friendly and vibrant campus is designed keeping child’s safety and health in mind. It is a place where the child feels free to express, explore the sand, play with colours, observe, experiment, analyse, read, write, dance and sing. At Globe Tot’ers we celebrate many festivals and events to highlight the cultural diversity of our country. Healthy habits are inculcated in children by conducting physical education via different entertaining outdoor activities and instilling healthy food habits through the day.

Management Board Educational Programmes

Shloka - A Birla School, Indore

Shloka Indore is envisioned to be a centre for Academic Excellence where children shall receive progressive and contemporary education. At Shloka, we recognise that every child is unique and is capable of reaching greater heights of academic excellence with the right kind of support and approach. We believe that children learn best when learning is made fun and meaningful. The school aims to provide a strong foundation for children and an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom at the Centre of Excellence through different activities.

Shloka Indore is a one stop destination to meet the needs of parents to provide holistic education for their children. The school provides a strong foundation with the help of a rigorous academic, physical education, performing, visual arts and life skills curriculum developed by the Birla Edutech ltd and an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom at the Center for Excellence, both of which are backed by the 360° support of Birla Edutech.

A progressive and world class integrated academic curriculum beautifully amalgamates languages [English, Hindi], Math, Environment Studies, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Guidance to make the curriculum a robust and rich one. It also brings best practices that suit the unique needs of every child.

The learning methodology emphasizes on activity based learning experiences as they are relevant, concrete and contextual, thus laying a strong foundation to build on. Group discussions, audio visual support, field trips and excursions, practical real life experiences, concrete learning and teaching aids etc. are also an active part of the learning. A concerted focus is on developing the core skills of literacy and numeracy, which are overarching goals for the primary years.

A well researched Sports Curriculum focuses on age appropriate and skill based physical development.

A unique Art Curriculum offers a variety of mediums such as the visual arts, theater, speech & drama, music & movement for students to express their creativity.

  • The Primary School at Shloka are about building strong foundations for 21st century knowledge, skills and dispositions, which support maximal learning in the critical period for developing “love” for learning. The theories of Brain Based Learning and Multiple Intelligences guide the primary year’s curriculum while it also builds on care for self, others and the environment in the children. The curriculum offers a lot of avenues for working in groups, developing research skills, tools for thinking as well as approaching learning through varied modes so as to reach out to varied learners.
  • The Middle School Curriculum at Shloka School offers a unique Birla curriculum, which provides a natural and logical progression as per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF2005). The curriculum follows an integrated and interdisciplinary approach.
  • The focus of the High School Curriculum is to prepare the students for the school leaving certificate examinations. The curriculum is supplemented with remedial classes at the Centre of Excellence. This ensures the academic and future success of each student at the Shloka School. Our curriculum draws a neuroscientific research on how the brain learns and what learning experiences are relevant at a particular age and stage. It is developmentally appropriate, brain compatible, integrated and creative.

Learning Environment at Shloka is an affirmative and enabling one. Bright airy learning spaces, creative learning centers, comfortable reading nooks, integrated laboratories, digital laboratories, exciting and interactive display boards, break out and break free zones and so on create an environment that catalyzes learning.

Assessment is continuous and comprehensive. An ongoing process, it guides the learner in their pursuit of learning; also an end of theme summative assessment ensures timely feedback on degree of achievement of individual as well as grade-level outcomes. These in turn guide teachers and parents to provide challenge or support as per need in a 'timely' and 'effective' manner. The progress of each child is shared through detailed report books alongwith a portfolio of documented work making learning visible to all.

All these thoughtful processes ensure the fulfillment of our ultimate goal of teaching in a way that all students learn.

Teaching Staff


SHLOKA, Ambamolia, Bicholi campus, Indore

Principal : Asha Singh

Academic Co-ordinator : Kartika Singh Goud

GLOBE TOT’ERS, Vijay Nagar campus, Indore

Centre Manager : Nikita Mehra

Academic Co-ordinator : Richa Agrawal

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