Shloka - A Birla School, Indore

Mud Day

Playing with mud offers endless opportunities for creative expressions. It encourages creativity, builds skills that help in cognitive development. Children use their fine motor and gross motor skills, which help in overall physical development. Shloka - A Birla school, Indore celebrated Mud Day with fun on 26th June 2018.​

International Yoga Day

Yoga is not just a workout regime, it is our very nature. The yoga postures are good for school children as it helps them in their psychological and physical growth. Most of these poses help strengthen various muscles and helps relieve stress, leading to a balanced mind and body. Yoga Day was celebrated with enthusiasm on 21st June 2018 at Shloka - A Birla School, Indore. ​

Cultural Exihibition

Field Trip

Unique Activities for Preschoolers

Sports Activities at Globetoters

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