Shloka - A Birla School, Hosur

DECEMBER Event : Fistful of Grains

This Christmas Eve was made memorable for the students of Shloka a Birla School - Hosur, this was made possible because of the noble Theme “Fistful of Grains” suggested by Birla Edutech Limited and followed by all the branches of Shloka Birla Schools. The students happily volunteered to go in groups to donate for the destitute. It was not made compulsory but students willing volunteered to help. The school made all the arrangements and spoke to Mother Paulin and got permission and informed her of our visit. A few students along with the primary coordinator and a teacher visited the old age home as a prior visit to know their needs on 12th December 2016. Each day the young enthusiasts were ready to bring grains, collect them and finally contributed to the old age home. – Home for the Aged run by Father Hrudhayaraj, on 23rd December 2016. This visit to an old age home created awareness among students about the neighbourhood, Sensitized students to social work and also sensitized students to the predicaments and problems of aged people, very importantly they took an oath not to neglect their parents or grandparents in their old age. Finally the students became aware of the joy of serving and being with the aged.

First Training at Shloka - Hosur by Birla Edutech Team

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