Shloka - A Birla School, Bibinagar - Hyderabad

Diwali Celebration

Dussehra Celebration

Cooking Activity (Preprimary)
Tiny tots made delicious puries as their theme for this week was cooking.they have learnt new words like rolling board,rolling pin,wheat flour,dough etc... Intention behind this activity was to develop their motor skills and make them familier with new words..

Children at Shloka – Learning ‘Counting’ with the help of dough balls...(Preprimary)

Art Activity: Let's Create - display work of the children with cut outs of shapes. (K1)

Names of various vegetables have been taught through drawing & colouring for K2 children

Enormous Earth (K2)

Shloka – A Birla school Bibinagar has organized “Vegetable Mart” today 30th Aug 2017 to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of vegetables in their regular diet and also to teach them english names of all the vegetables. Teachers explained the importance of vegetables’ intake in diet for mental and physical growth. The tiny tots came in the attire of vegetable vendors which was feast to the eyes. Not only Pre – Primary students but all the grades have learnt about the taste, smell, colour and texture of each vegetable.

To teach basic concepts of "ECOSYSTEM" and to create natural curiosity among students, we have been to "BHAGYANAGARA NANDANAVANAM" on Saturday, 29th July on a Field Trip. We went there with a lot of interactive material for kids and educators. We have carefully aligned our materials to the Science Curriculum with activities developed for different levels. Through this field trip Children gained practical knowlege about "ECOSYSTEM"

Portfolio:Physical development - Fine motor - lacing K1 Children

Tiny Tots in a mood of swing and sway to the rhythm, enjoying the beauty and fragrance of floral arrangements at Shloka Birla Bibinagar

Activity : Flora Making Paper Craft – K2 Children

Children at Shloka learnt the health benifits of healthy food..and how our health gets effected when we consume Junkfood - Pre-Primary Children Bibinagar

Free Play - K2 Children

Exploration time : Concept - Learning about Fresh and Dried leaves.(K1 Children)

Shloka has provided an apt platform for the tiny tots to assimilate, interact and learn about various fruits through ‘FRUITELLA’ (Fruits Day) celebrations. All the pre-primary children have learnt the names of various fruits. The teachers explained in depth the importance and uses of fruits in our daily life. The activity room was decorated with fruit carvings and also with real fruits. Some kids dressed up like fruits. Many exciting activities have been done by the kids. The day was filled with hordes of learning and delicious fruit salad was served. Fruits like apples, cherries, watermelon, straw berries, and pomegranate are in red colour so everyone dressed up in ‘RED’ colour.

K2 children doing funsheets (portfolio)

Green day celebrations at Shloka A Birla school Bibinagar


Portfolio: Creative Development - hand print - Preprimary Kids.

Hurdles competition was held on 31st July for Grade I to VII. Hurdling is the act of running and jumping over an obstacle at speed. This sport improves speed and flexibility in child.

Art Time : Leaf Printing (Group Activity) – K1 Children

Looking so studious

Children learnt how to make Ganesha's with dough

Exploration Time: Mix and see the Colours - Preprimary

Music helps a child to develop language, reasoning, memorization, creativity, spatial intelligence and self confidence....Watch Birla Shloka Bibinagar students learning different musical instruments with lot of zeal.

Name Day Celebrations

Exploration Time: Nature detectives with leaves - K1 Children.

These Tiny Tots went on nature walk, experimented and explored things given by nature

Number Counting Practice – K2 Children

Portfolio: Creative Development - Painting - K1 Children

K1 – Kids Learning phonic sounds

Creating waves – and playing in wavy waters….

Theme : Raving Rain – K2 Children

Vinegar was taken in a bottle. 100 gms of baking soda was added into the balloon. Then, the balloon was carefully fixed over the bottle opening. After that, the balloon was held up so that baking soda falls into the vinegar. Effervescence was observed in the bottle producing carbon dioxide which inflates the balloon. Through this experiment, students learnt the formation of carbon dioxide gas when an acid (vinegar) and a base (baking soda) react together. As our assembly theme for this month is science & Technology...these students have done the above experiment under the guidance of science teacher...Mrs.Vanoor Bee

Concept of shapes is taught through cutting and pasting for K1 & K2 Children

Project made by our enthusiastic Students of Grade - VII on "SAVE OUR PLANET"

Teachers' Day Celebration

Tiny Tots – Relaxing..

Hugging a tree activity by Nursery kids - Theme:Towering tree

Pre-Primary children on a Field Trip to Vegetable & Fruit Market at Bhuvanagiri

At shloka children were taught why when and how we celebrate vinayaka chaturthi

BONALU CELEBRATION - Children bedecked in their finest traditional attire carrying bonam pots on their heads, lead the procession.

Grade-V students enjoying watching the novel "The Chronicles of Narnia" from their curriculum in A.V. Room. This makes teaching process interesting and it improves student's Critical and Analytical thinking.

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