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The strategic decision-making of Shloka lies with the governing body that comprises of mainly two highly motivated individuals, Ms. Ruhi Agrawal and Dr. Shweta Kedia. They are epitomes of hard work, intelligence, and leadership. When it comes to Shloka, their relentless zeal, commitment, and willingness to offer profusely is undoubtedly remarkable.

Ms. Ruhi Agrawal Ms. Ruhi Agrawal, is an effervescent and progressive young woman, whose interests lie in literature, extempore public speaking, travelling, and reading. Besides, she is highly knowledgeable, and has attained her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Delhi University. In addition, she also has an M.B.A (Hons.) in Marketing and Family Business from Amity University. Not only does she have years of working experience in Human Resources, but she also has the exposure of leading the very same department.

Dr. Shweta Kedia Dr. Shweta Kedia, is an exuberant personality, who understands the psyche of children as a result of her prior experience in pre-school teaching. Likewise, her interests include story-telling, singing, dancing, and painting. She has done her schooling from the DV Coll, Indore, and BDS from Bhopal. Her personality and interests make her a perfect fit for mentoring children.
Together, Ms. Ruhi Agrawal and Dr. Shweta Kedia aspire to create an inspiring education system, and instill, in the young minds, values such as sensitivity, determination and honesty, through innovation, discovery and creativity.

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